1st conference Innovation in SMEs Financing: EQUITY CROWDFUNDING

Collaborative Economy Center kindly invites to attend the 1st polish-german conference “Innovation in SMEs financing” with special focus on equity crowdfunding.

Agenda: OPENING CEREMONY – Adam Maciejewski, Warsaw Stock Exchange; Janusz Piechociński, Ministry of Economy PANEL 1: SOURCES OF SMEs FINANCING 2014+ – WHAT’s NEW AND WHO CAN BENEFIT? Panelist are active members of the capital market. They will discuss available sources of SMEs financing, barriers in access to capital and vision of development of financial market. PANEL 2: INNOVATION IN SMEs FINANCING: EQUITY CROWDFUNDING Panelist are stakeholders of development of equity crowdfunding, including platform owners, representative of Polish Financial Supervisory Authority and others. They will discuss potential, chances, risks and need for action to develop sustain environment for development of equity crowdfunding in Poland and Europe. Special appearances: representatives of European Crowdfunding Network, Indiegogo.com, Crowdcube.com, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, TMS Brokers and many more! There is a possibility to use exhibition space to promote organisations and companies representing equity crowdfunding market in Germany. Please contact us for further information. [cml_media_alt id='358']equity-crowdfunding_flyer_en[/cml_media_alt] The scope of this conference is to answer three important questions: 1)      What are possibilities of financing ventures in the perspective 2014+? (incl. European funds, traditional financing, VC/PE, new financial products as reversed factoring etc.) 2)      Which obstacles on the capital market are limiting development of polish and german companies, what should be done and how we can cooperate and compete on both markets? 3)      How entrepreneurs can use innovative sources of financing to grow up – examples, best practices and vision of further development? (incl. crowdsourcing, equity crowdfunding, social lending, impact investing, coinvestment schemes etc.)


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