About us

Collaborative Economy Center (Centrum Gospodarki Społecznościowej) is a non-profit foundation, based in Wrocław, Poland. The founders of CEC are Mateusz Mroczka – CEO of Mind Progress Group and Karol Król – CEO of Crowdfunding.pl.

Collaborative Economy Center

We promote tools and mechanisms of cocreation, gather similar people and create together added value to current economy. Our main goal is to provide innovators, young entrepreneurs and creators with knowledge, inspiration and suport, so that they can succesfully take a beautiful way „from idea to business, thanks to the crowd”. It includes knowledge in financing, PR&marketing, business development and regulation.

Our main topic of interest is crowdsourcing, with special focus on crowdfunding; impact investing and collaborative economy.

What we do?


We aim at collecting, developing and promoting knowledge on collaborative economy. We’re crowdsourcing a database for digital and free resources on collaborative economy.

Soon we’ll be hosting another events and take part in international research projects.


Collaborative economy is expanding all over the world. We are running or taking part in a few interdysciplinary projects.

Soon we’ll publish a crowdsourcing platform for creativity as well as reports and free publications. With our local partners we’re working on an educational project “Academy of Collaborative Economy”.


If you’re interested in establishing international cooperation, feel free to contact and let us know about your current activities. If you wish to work with us, contribute to our work or hire us, please get in touch.

We appreciate your feedback!

See examples of our work: COOPERATION AND PROJECTS


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