European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey 2014

The University of Cambridge is teaming up with EY to launch European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey 2014. Collaborative Economy Center is a research partner for Central and Eastern Europe.

Opening on 25 November and closing on 20 December, this benchmarking survey aims to capture the size, transaction volume and growth of the alternative finance markets across Europe. This is the biggest study on crowdfunding, p2p financial services and microfinance to date.

This benchmarking survey is supported by FPF, ANACOFI and AFIP (France), the German Crowdfunding Network, the Spanish Crowdfunding Association, Crowdfunding Hub (Dutch), AISCRIS (Italy), the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance, the UK Crowdfunding Association, the P2P Finance Association, the European Crowdfunding Network, the European Equity Crowdfunding Association, P2P and Collaborative Economy Centre (CEE).

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