European Commission conducts survey on equity crowdfunding and social lending

The Financial Services Users Group (FSUG), a consultative group of the European Commission, is currently conducting a study to explore crowdfunding from users’ perspectives. The study focuses on investors (not fundraisers) in platforms with financial returns (lending and equity).

The Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA) invites all investors and capital market experts to take part in the survey on equity crowdfunidng and social lending.

This is the first effort at a pan-European level to analyze user’s behavior and perceptions when using crowdfunding with financial returns. In this context two respective questionnaires have been constructed, one for equity and one for lending. The answers received will stay anonymous. The results will be published in a report that will be publicly available to everyone and accessible also through our Commission website: – wrote Barbara Gabor, European Commission, DG FISMA on behalf of Nikos Daskalakis, Member of FSUG and ECSF in press release.

Collaborative Economy Center and its partners are active stakeholders of the development of alternative finance sector, with special focus on crowdfunding, including policy making, raising awareness and creating sustainable environment for sector’s growth.

Links to the survey are available below.

1) survey on user’s perception of equity crowdfunidng:

2) survey on user’s perception of P2P lending:


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