Polish crowdfunding landscape

Crowdfunding is developing fast all over Europe. Poland as one of the biggest countries in the region is following this amazing social movement as well. Here are a few facts from polish crowdfunding and alternative finance scene.

At Collaborative Economy Center we aim at establishing sustainable and friendly environment for entrepreneurs and social initiatives. One of the most important burdens is access to finance and this is the reasons why we dedicate most of our time to new mechanisms, which solve this problem.

Some projects we run or coorganised in previous months include:

-organisation of “Innovation in SMEs financing: EQUITY CROWDFUNDING” conference;

-workshops for culture and creative sector representatives, including personnel of Wrocław 2016 – European Capital of Culture;

-research partner for CEE on “Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey 2014” for University of Cambridge;

-local partner of “Crowd Dialog Europe 2015” conference held in Helsinki;

-many research programmes and dozens of inidividual consultations.

We are very active in polish crowdfunding scene, providing advisory to stakeholders of its development, giving commetary to leading media, joining working groups on legal changes and networking within this sector. If you’re courious about crowdfunding scene in Poland, here are a few important facts.


  • 25+ crowdfunding platforms
  • all types available (donation, lending, equity, reward)
  • a few million polish zloty in funding monthly
  • new record-breaking projects in many categories


Crowdfunding is legal and accessible for most of people in Poland. Last year the law on public money gathering has been changed and charity and private online fundraising is now a lot simplier, thus getting more and more popular.

Equity crowdfunding is possible, but with quite low limits (when in non-prospectus way) or uncomfortable restrictions for online investments – depends on the type of a company. Currently there are working groups finishing proposals of legal changes, which will be published in fourth quarter of this year.


Better quality of project description and increase of marketing budgets for crowdfunding campaigns.

Rapid growth of private online fundraising tools (eg. for gifts, journeys, medical treatment) in number and volume.

Interesting tech startups raising equity – Bitcoin payments technology provider, provider of deaf customers’ technology and services etc.

Wearables and hardware producers testing new markets by using international crowdfunding platforms. Successfully!

With more and more available platforms, one can observe focus on specific category by newcomers. And sport is the most popular one.

More in-depth analysis, case studies, list of operating platforms will be published in our upcoming report. Stay tuned or contact us!


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