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2nd Annual European Alternative Finance Industry Study
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Collaborative Economy Center partners with the University of Cambridge and leading industry organisation on the groundbreaking study regarding alternative finance in Europe for the second time.

Saturday, 07. May, 2016
Polish crowdfunding landscape
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Crowdfunding is developing fast all over Europe. Poland as one of the biggest countries in the region is following this amazing social movement as well. Here are a few facts from polish crowdfunding and alternative finance scene.

Monday, 21. September, 2015
European Commission conducts survey on equity crowdfunding and social lending
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The Financial Services Users Group (FSUG), a consultative group of the European Commission, is currently conducting a study to explore crowdfunding from users’ perspectives. The study focuses on investors (not fundraisers) in platforms with financial returns (lending and equity).

Wednesday, 20. May, 2015
Cambridge/EY Alternative Finance Report
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University of Cambridge released pan-european report on alternative finance. Collaborative Economy Centre is a research partner of publication "Moving Mainstream. The European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report".

Monday, 23. February, 2015
1st conference Innovation in SMEs Financing: EQUITY CROWDFUNDING
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Collaborative Economy Center kindly invites to attend the 1st polish-german conference “Innovation in SMEs financing” with special focus on equity crowdfunding.

Sunday, 01. June, 2014